Prairie Marsh Waterfowl Farm

Bahama pintail-N0 longer raising them.


(price is per pair, singles may be available)

Bahama pintails, also known as White Cheeked Pintails are a mostly brown bird with black speckled underbelly, black with brown laced feathers on its back, White cheeks, and a bright red bill. These birds prefer well hidden ground nest boxes (seen on nest box page) or hollowed out logs. 


Bahama pintails are protected by the MBTA which means sales of this bird will be accompanied by a transfer form. To sale/give/or "dispose" of this bird and all others protected by the MBTA you must obtain a Federal Migratory Bird Sale and Disposal Permit. You can go to to see a list of other birds protected by the MBTA and to learn more about applying for a permit.